Aira Mitsuki – PLASTIC


Its Nicki Minaj!

Aira Mitsuki is THAT bitch. Girl can’t do a thing wrong really, when I discovered her two years ago by accident I knew there was some great big divine power at work for me having stumbled upon her. She is signed with dtopia and is basically the label’s cash cow. Saori@destiny is there as well, but she doesn’t sell…

If COPY was the more harder sounding Aira album, then PLASTIC is the more cuter sounding album. There are far more cute songs on this album then there was on the last one. That doesn’t mean that its all cute though, it does have it’s fair share of hard and knocking techno songs. Like BaD trip which is pretty much what you would expect for a more hardcore techno pop song, I definitely like how the song has a chaotic sound to it, the bridge is hella savage as well. Then you have bordering on industrial CHANGE MY WILL. The song is sort of a mess but its ok for a couple of listens. Then we have the abomination Re_† which just so goddamn long and to messy and just grating to the ears. Clearly the albums worst cut, thank god it was stuck as the last song. I really do wish that COSMiC CHOPPER and Sazae Funkadelic were used instead of CHANGE MY WILL and Re_†. It really would have helped the album overall.

Robot Honey was the first Aira song I heard and I fell in love with its quirky nature. Its verses are rather bubbly and I like how there was electric guitar and her lisping in the song is hella cute! It sounds rather 8bit, which adds to the overall charm of the song. A perfect lead single to start with imo. How ever the song isn’t all completely cute it has its harder beats in there and knocks like it should. Especially when the song makes a 180 at the bridge and things get all spacey and shit.

Summeeeeeeeer Set is pure pop genius. I’m glad that Aira enlisted Ayuse Kozue to work with her in this song, the two have studio chemistry and I hope they work together again sometime in the future. The song is so fun sounding and definitely Summery. The chorus is so god damn catchy I can’t even describe, it’s basically a call and response between both girls. Aira’s alto vocals and Ayuse’s soprano vocals mesh to create a beautiful nonsensical song about jelly, make up, summeeeeeeeer, and engrish! The songs bridge is actually pretty tizight as well with ayuse singing nonsense in the background. Perfect instrumental and vocals by both girls make this song one of the albums best cuts.

Then we have some more cute sounding songs like Knee High Girl, which features a rapping robot in the background, the songs break down is actually rather heavy. Surprisingly Aira takes a back seat as the robot is the star in the song. I was never fond of Sapuri in the beginning, still not to this day. It has its charms, but its basically filler. A rather uninteresting instrumental doesn’t help either.

Then there is Plastic Doll, Natsu Ame, and Time is. Plastic Doll is a nice little Jtek song which sounds hella hyper. The chorus is rather nice, it’s jumpy and very mellow at the same time. Natsu Ame uses samba elements in it which makes rather unique in an album of techno songs. When it does get to the verses the song calms down and sounds rather spacey. The rapper in the song helps the song over all and the song has cute vocals by Aira. Time is another album gem on the album, it also sounds rather American as well, the male singer sounds rather nice as the song has its key change. The song knocks nicely and gets me hyped.

Then we got two of the A sides Sayonara Technopolis and BARBiE BARBiE. ST is masterfully done and one of Aira’s best songs of all time. Its verses are well done, as well as its chorus. Its synths are in the right place. Whats more intresting is the lyrics in the song, its about global warming and how we need to move to the moon or some shit. Pop genius pretty much. BARBiE BARBiE is YET another cute sounding song, its rather rocky with the electric guitars. I like when Aira performs this song live as well!

What should be mentioned is how Aira never falls into a voluntary role on her own sophomore album, girl is 100% involved in every thing. She writes most of the songs and knows how to carry a song no matter how ridiculous and messy it is. Largely thanks to her producer Terukado. Her voice is under vocoder but that’s a staple for the genre any ways so who give a shit? Her voice is rather nice and her lisp is cute, she has nice range as well. No wonder why dtopia always pimps her out all the time. She is THAT bitch.

Album Grade: A

I definitely recommend PLASTIC to any one who likes the jtek scene or wants something else other then Perfume and capsule. Sure the album does have its weak parts, but the pros FAR outweigh the cons of this sophomore effort by Miss Aira.

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